Have Fun With Decorating That Reflects “YOU”!

One of the things that makes decorating really fun is to try being unique with your decorating style and use items that reflect your interests. Let me give you an example. I love pugs (and currently have my fifth pug). They are cute and funny and make me laugh a lot. Well, you should see how I have incorporated pug items into my decorating. I have pug statues, a pug lamp, pug pictures and even a pug rug. Another example can be birds, flowers, a hobby, a collection, or anything that you enjoy.

One final example is from a friend of mine that collected dolls, doll furniture, dishes, etc. Well she ended up setting the dolls up in groups around the room with their own furniture and settings. It was so much fun to enter her great room and see the dolls around the room like little groups of people at a party.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement of these unique objects in a room. How does it feel to you? Is it welcoming as you enter the room? Maybe it’s a conversation starter? Here are a few pictures of fun things that I have incorporated into my decorating.

If you like to travel and have favorite places you have visited, you may enjoy having prints made from your photos to enhance your room. Take a look at a group of photos that I had printed on canvas from a recent trip to Pompeii, Italy.


Another decorating idea is to take a picture of something in the room and have it printed on canvas for your focal point picture like this picture of Birds of Paradise. I just laid out the flowers and photographed them, then uploaded them to a company that prints pictures on canvas. It was fun and very inexpensive.

Have some fun with these ideas. Most of them do not require any artistic talent, just trial and error.